Humans Of Austin / Here you will find portraits of strangers that I come across in Austin, Texas.

Fourth Of July Water Marble



I’ve had a couple people ask me for a water marble tutorial. Now, I’m not the best at it. Far from it. But I figured that the 4th was a decent enough time to give it a shot.

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Fixed the Gifs.

I saw this lady and just had to get a picture. When I asked for a picture she replied, “Will it make you happy?” to which I said “Of course!”. Tagged: Austin  Texas  People  Blog  Humans of Austin  HOA  Liberty  Lady LIberty   Notes: 2
Everybody could use a step up at some point in their life. A father is as good a place as any to find one. Tagged: father  son  green  shirts  humansofaustin  hoa  
Sometimes you just need to take a cigar break. Tagged: cigar  humansofaustin  hat  sunglasses  drink  man  old settlers music festival   Notes: 1
This man was juggling for pretty much anybody that would watch, and even though he dropped the ball a number of times, it didn’t matter. The magic was still there. You could see it in his smile. Tagged: juggling  smile  humansofaustin  humans of austin  old settlers music festival   Notes: 2
"I’m going to be on the front page, right?" Tagged: Old Settlers Music Festivel  hat  purple  portrait  humansofaustin  front page   Notes: 1
More beardly men. She had a sweet haircut. Their names are Charlotte and Steven. Tagged: humansofaustin  Portrait  beards  couple  
The cutest family. I can’t wait until I can adopt an adorable Asian baby and dress him/her all cute. Tagged: baby  family  humansofaustin  precious  Austin   Notes: 2
She took “flower power” to a whole new level. She was passing out stickers that advertised “free hugs”. Her goal is to “embrace the whole world one hug at a time”.
This little guy kept on throwing sticks at my face. His cuteness gave be serious baby-yearnings. Notes: 2
When I asked her for her picture I first complemented her on her dreds. She let me take a profile of her face and hair. Notes: 2
I watched this couple lay in the grass for the longest time. It really struck me how comfortable they were with each other. They looked truly happy.

Oh and he had a nice beard.
I saw this guy walking around throughout a music festival today. I kept on wanting to get his picture, so I eventually worked up the nerve to ask.
He told me that “contrary to popular belief, he is not Santa Claus.” Notes: 1